Escape COVID-19 In These 7 Socially Distant Destinations

2. Costa Rica

Fly into Limon to avoid the congested and population-dense capital city of San Jose. Rent a car at the airport and spend four days exploring the Monteverde Cloudforest. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, drink coffee, zip-line, climb trees, read, bird-watch, make a drink in your room, and watch the rolling clouds obscure miles of dense, lush vegetation.

#ForTheCulture: Eat Gallo Pinto. Costa Rica’s national dish of rice and beans was first crafted by Africans tasked with helping to build an early railroad system in the country.

1. Chile

We realize Chile is very far but The Carretera Austral is one of the more visually epic experiences one can have. The ideal way to explore this South American country’s unparalleled natural beauty is by renting a car and driving Chile‘s Route 7. The famous highway runs south for about 770 miles passing through rural Patagonia.

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