Things To Do In Black-Owned Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree has become one of California's trendiest area. Instagram fueled the desert community's popularity, now things are booming. Recent visits by Solange, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz and Saweetie have more millennials in nearby Los Angeles considering getaways in high desert over the area's more popular neighbor: Palm Springs. Keys and Beatz have been documenting their time in the desert on their social media accounts.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys) Developers,READ MORE

Hampton House: From MLK to Malcolm X, A Home For Black Excellence

The exterior of a two-story complex at 4240 NW 27th Ave in Miami is dreadfully unassuming. Its yellow walls and teal trim capture the city's tropical motif in that way that makes us neglect believing anything special ever transpired within its corridors. Drivers passing are likely oblivious of the building's history, and yet also likely well-versed in the narratives of the icons that once frequented the place. A sign out front reads "Hampton House." It - much like the interiorREAD MORE

The 10 Safest Countries To Visit – 2021

If you're seeking peace this year, place Europe in your sights. Despite grappling with region-wide civil unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic, Europe ranks atop this year's Global Peace Index by hosting 13 of the 20 most peaceful countries in the world. Croatia, Germany, Sweden, Poland and Italy all crack the top 40 while another 6 European nations also fall within the top 10. The GPI uses several factors to calculate rankings: safety and security, ongoing conflict and militarization among them.READ MORE

Is Russia Making A Play To Lure More Black Travelers?

Many African-Americans exhausted by racial bias and intolerance in the United States are seeking more equitable lives overseas. Some have "returned home" to West African nations, while others have chosen resettling in Western Europe, Latin America or Asia. But one destination that has been welcoming African-American expats for over 100 years - we're quite surprised to discover - is Russia. Blacks in the USSR is the mind-blowing subject of a documentary by RT news - which in all fairness isREAD MORE

Georgia Teen Gets 4 Month Prison Sentence Over COVID Quarantine

18-year-old Skylar Mack's vacation to the Cayman Islands is now a warning to other travelers: break COVID protocols and you could end up in jail. Mack brushed off the country's mandatory 14-day COVID-19 self-quarantine to watch her boyfriend battle in a jet ski competition. Both Mack and her partner were arrested at a water sports event after they were spotted fraternizing with others for hours without adhering to social distancing protocols. The Mercer University student was equipped with a trackingREAD MORE

12 Hilarious Travel Memes To Cure Your Travel Blues

From booking to boarding, keeping a sense a humor will help most travelers deal with some of the craziness they're bound to experience traveling. These hilarious travel memes will hopefully put a temporary smile on your face the next time someone reclines their seat into your knees or declines your vacation request.

Shocking: Couple Flies To Hawaii Fully Aware They’re COVID-19 Positive

A married couple flying home to Hawaii were arrested over the weekend for traveling while knowingly infected with COVID-19. Wesley Moribe and Courtney Peterson boarded their United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Kauai with their four-year-old on November 29th after testing positive for the virus at the airport. Travelers entering Hawaii participate in a COVID-19 testing program at the point of their departure. When both Wesley and Courtney tested positive, they were taken to a quarantine station at SanREAD MORE

Why Black Travelers Are Flocking To Mexico During COVID-19

The trending destination for Black travelers in 2020 appears to be Mexico. A quick search through the IG feeds of influencers and travel accounts are full of pictures from the country. In fairness to other destinations, COVID-19 has disrupted international travel and limited potential vacation options for Americans. Mexico has been one of the few countries still welcoming Americans travelers. This and the work from home culture birthed by the pandemic has creatives and freelancers boarding flights and risking itREAD MORE

Nearest Green: The Slave That Taught Jack Daniel About Whiskey

"If you want to appreciate jazz, you better know who Louis Armstrong was. And if you want to appreciate American whiskey, you should know who Nathan Nearest Green was." Actor Jeffrey Wright's remarks come in a short documentary made about Nearest Green, a slave turned master whiskey distiller. And Wright's right. Remembering Nathan "Nearest" Green should be one of the first things done when coming across the Jack Daniels brand. The freedman taught a slightly younger and white Jack DanielREAD MORE

Arkansas Is Paying Creatives $10,000 Cash To Move There

African-American creativws looking to reboot their lives may want to consider moving to Arkansas. The Northwest Arkansas Council is offering potential new residents $10,000 and other incentives to relocate to the southern state. The group has earmarked $1 million "to attract top talent" over the next six months. The cash will help cover relocation costs, and recipients will also receive a street or mountain bike to help them "take advantage of the 162 miles of paved trails, the 37-mile RazorbackREAD MORE

Glitch Cancels Thousands Of Airbnb Accounts And Reservations

Thousands of hosts and guests on Airbnb are looking for answers after a glitch led to the deactivation of thousands of accounts and confirmed bookings. I share their concerns because I'm one of them. Notifications began popping up on my phone Wednesday afternoon from a dozen or so concerned guests puzzled by their now canceled reservations. “We’re very sad to see you’ve canceled our reservation. We were really looking forward to our stay. Can you explain why?” one guest questioned.READ MORE

A Black Travel Guide To South Korea

Navigating Asia can be particularly complicated for African-Americans. We fuel our own multi-billion dollar travel movement, but the sight of a Black person in Asia can still be an EVENT. For many African-American travelers, the attention, stares and requests to have our photograph taken can be uncomfortable, bordering on overwhelming. A Black author is hoping to ease some our potential discomforts with a book detailing his own experiences living in South Korea. The Black Traveler's Guide To Incheon, South KoreaREAD MORE

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