How To Fly From LA To Europe For Under $300

Norwegian Airline is baffling. I flew the budget airline for the first time earlier this year after finding a one-way ticket to Copenhagen, Denmark for $236 and a return ticket from Stockholm, Sweden for $228 dollars. The idea of flying to Europe from Los Angeles for under $500 drummed up visions of Samuel L. Jackson shouting into my ear while a 12-year-old pilot practiced rapid descents. Fortunately, I found nothing of the sort on the company’s 787 Dreamliner, which is why their ridiculously low airfares are baffling.

The leg room, even in economy, is fair. I’m 6’3 and “uncomfortable” wouldn’t be an adjective I used to describe the 10-hour journey. “Boring” is another word that doesn’t exactly spring to mind. That’s because every seat on the Dreamliner comes with a personal entertainment system loaded with dozens of movies and TV shows. And unlike other airlines that charge you for keeping sane in the air, Norwegian’s media library is gratis.

There are a few things to keep in mind when flying this brand however: their a la carte system being the most significant. Food, checked bags, priority boarding and reserved seating are extra. So when you see a flight from Los Angeles to Oslo for $178, know that’s likely for the lowest tier of travel. “Lowfare” only guarantees a seat on the plane and a carry-on bag. In all, there are five fare tiers with Premium Flex (essentially first class) being the most expensive and “Lowfare” its antithesis.

I like to keep my airfare expenses down when possible, so loading clothes into a carry-on and packing my own edibles is a digestible enough idea if it means pocketing $200 for a better dinner later. When have you ever eaten a meal on the plane that you remember for its culinary flair anyway? Never! That’s when.

Of course, Norwegian’s inter-Europe flights are right there with Ryanair and easyJet when it comes to bargain basement prices. A one-way flight from Copenhagen to London Gatwick will set you back $40 if you book in advance. As with most travel, the key to getting a good deal is always booking in advance. As of July, you can find affordable direct flights from Los Angeles to Oslo, Stockholm or Copenhagen for October, November or December.

My fiancée lives in Denmark, which means we’ll be frequently making the LAX to CPH commute. And honestly, Norwegian’s fares make the long distance relationship sustainable until we can be in the same city permanently. If you’re thinking about a trip to Copenhagen, you should also check out my guide to the Scandinavian city below.

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