Don’t Fly & Vape: Spirit Airlines Bans Passenger For Life

Spirit Airlines has rewarded a passenger with a lifetime ban for vaping on a flight from Detroit to New Orleans. A flight attendant told law enforcement officials she warned the passenger once after spotting him dragging from his e-cigarette and exhaling into a bag. The cabin crew member then claims the passenger snuck off to the bathroom where he continued smoking. Unfortunately for him, the smoke detector went off and pilots had to descend the aircraft to 35,000-feet to cancel the alarms.

The 30-year-old was detained after landing in New Orleans, but no formal files were charged. On the ground, he reportedly told a deputy that he was unaware smoking on planes was illegal. He also denied smoking in the bathroom.

The deputy added in his report that the Flordia man was “highly intoxicated” which seems to support another passenger’s account of the situation. That person told authorities the man had several alcohol bottles “hiding under his jacket” that he was sipping from throughout the flight – something commonly referred to as surviving a flight on Spirit Airlines in travel circles.

In all seriousness, drinking your own alcohol onboard a domestic aircraft is also a federal crime. Only flight attendants are allowed to provide alcohol to passengers on flights.

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