Amsterdam’s Latest Tourist Tax Is Designed To Keep You Away

The Dutch government is continuing its campaign to make travelers reconsider visiting Amsterdam. Starting next year, tourists will be hit with a $3 per night surcharge for hotel stays. This is in addition to a newly implemented 7% basic tourist tax already being levied on travelers by hotels. These taxes are part of a concentrated effort by Amsterdam’s city council to reclaim the Venice of the North for its residents.

In 2016, 17 million people visited the city and that number is expected to balloon to 23 million in the coming years. With liberal attitudes towards marijuana, psychedelics and prostitution, Amsterdam attracts its fair share of holidayers looking for more than just museums and a peek inside Anne Frank’s house. The city is fighting to shed its shoddy reputation in hopes it will decrease the amount of rowdy tourists looking for an alternative time.

Another move designed to help combat over tourism is the ending of organized tours to the city’s popular red light districts. There are even preliminary discussions to move the neighborhood clientele to a neighboring city.

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