Visiting Copenhagen? Eat Here

There are men and there are Gods. In the land of lobster rolls, Copenhagen’s Hooked is perched atop the pantheon, smiling down upon the usurped. One bite of this f*cking thing and you’ll realize that statement is void of hyperbole.

A food truck turned restaurant, the brainchild of native Dane Kasper Bundgård Christensen and Englishman Matthew Jeffrey offers a petit menu of seafood dishes. The most notable for visitors, two lobsters roll: the Asian and the American. The patriotic version featuring brown butter, lime, crispy onions, chives and mayo. The Far East sister containing tigerlee-mayo, coriander, puffed rice noodles and snap peas. “All of our seafood comes from around Denmark or Norway,” Kasper tells me.

Other notable dishes include the Salmon Burger, Hooked Fish & Chips and the Mac & Cheese Croquettes. A dip/salad of peas and mint sounds strange until hitting your tongue for the first time.

For Copenhagen, Europe’s most expensive city, the prices are digestible. A lobster roll combo is approximately $25, on par with LA landmark, Cousins Maine Lobsters (approximately $20). If you’re looking for pretentious Nordic dining, fixed menus and robust wine selections, this is a place best avoided. You’re more likely to hear Anderson.Paak reverberating through its two floors than Chopin and that is completely fine by me.

Click here to check out the seafood kitchen’s full menu.

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