5 Places You Need To Visit To “Wake Up”

So you are planning that summer vacation and considering several places to go. Before you book a trip to a destination at some over run tourist trap, maybe you should think about these destinations, that will stir your soul and also awaken you consciousness.

Morocco, Fez, Marrakech and Casablanca


Morocco is a blast from the past, visiting there literally feels like you are stepping back in time. From the ancient Medina in Fez to the sprawling market in Marrakech, Morocco is like no other place you’ve ever visited. Waking up to the beautiful sounds of the call to prayer from the local mosque as the sun rises over one of the ancient cities is one of life’s truly incredible moments. Morocco is a muslim nation and it’s a great place to get a look at the beauty of the religion. There is no reason to fear visiting a muslim country, and that is reinforced when you go to Morocco. During my visit I actually stumbled upon a wedding in the ancient Medina in Fez and was invited in by the families to observe. It is the other side of a culture that is so often portrayed negatively in the media. Away from the cities there is also the adventure of the deserts, that takes you back to days when nomadic tribes wandered the lands.



Haiti has suffered mightily in recent years, as disaster after disaster has devastated the western hemispheres poorest nation. But there are also plenty of resorts and hotels that are ready to welcome visitors back to the island. More importantly, as the first country founded as the result of a slave rebellion and ruled by non- whites, Haiti is a significant destination for all people of color, especially African Americans. Our dollars will help rebuild the country and this part of history should not be forgotten. What Nat Turner tried to do in the United States actually succeeded in Haiti. Not only did the slaves defeat the French, they then built a successful government. Haiti is our past, and it needs us to move forward.

Machu Pichu


The ancient city that sits high in the mountains of Peru, is the most well known and significant icon from the Inca civilization. But Machu Pichu is sinking and more and more of the estate believed to be built for the emperor Pachacuti is being closed off to visitors every year. It’s estimated that in the next five years the majority of the grounds will be off limits. This is a great reminder of the proud, beautiful, and powerful civilization that once ruled this part of the America’s before being decimated by the Spanish.

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

Trinidad Carnival, Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

America has Madri Gras but it is no match for the turn up that is Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. People who have never experienced the soca music, the gyrating bodies and the spectacle of Carnival are in for the absolute wildest ride ever. Be prepared for the skimpy costumes and the fact that you will probably at some point put one on. This is “our” party, it’s just waiting for you to join.



It is believed that more than 1 million slaves traveled through Senegal and Goree Island before being shipped off to a life in bondage in the America’s. We can visit the places here in the US where many of the slaves who were torn from their homes, worked, lived and died, but what about the place where the journey began. For so many of our ancestors this was the last place, the last thing, they saw of their motherland. But Senegal is more than just a place that holds incredible pain and sadness for African American’s, it is a vibrant land that has an amazing musical scene and breathtaking beaches. Check out the @DakarLives instagram to get a real look at city life in Senegal.

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