A List Of Black-Owned Restaurants In Miami

Here is a running-list of Black-owned restaurants in Miami. Please send us spots that we are missing so that we can update this list for you.

1.World Famous House of Mac

World Famous House of Mac is known for its unique spin on traditional cuisine. Owner, Derrick Turton is also known as Chef Teach is known to whip up succulent delights like jerk salmon pasta, fried chicken & waffles, and his signature World Famous Mac & Cheese!

2055 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33127

2. Victory Restaurant & Lounge

Victory Restaurant & Lounge was born out of an idea to create a place where people could enjoy 5-Star meals in a relaxing, welcoming environment. Chef Tobias knew from the beginning of his culinary career that he wanted to someday open up a restaurant to share his culinary gifts with others. That dream came true with Victory Restaurant & Lounge in Miami when he joined forces with Ricardo Young. Ricardo, a decorated businessman, had visions of opening a hookah lounge while Tobias had aspirations of opening an elite restaurant. Together they knew they could incorporate a very unconventional Washingtonian vibe that Miami had yet to be introduced to. The mixture of a dynamic ambiance, unmatched vibe, impeccable food and hookah came to life with Victory Restaurant & Lounge.

3252 NE 1st Ave Ste 107
Miami, FL 33137

3.Tom Jenkins B-B-Q

Tom Jenkins’ BBQ Restaurant and Sauce was founded by two friends, Harry Harrell and Gary Torrence.
Both men’s passion for cooking led to the creation of Tom Jenkins BBQ Sauce. They knew they had a hit when family members and friends raved about its great taste and always requested that they bring it to the gatherings.

In 1990, Tom Jenkins BBQ Sauce was introduced to the public via a roadside food trailer. The weekend trailer operation lasted seven years which resulted in them building a loyal customer base. A building across the street from their trailer became available, and in 1996, Harry and Gary opened Tom Jenkins BBQ Restaurant.

1236 S Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316


The restaurant encompasses a traditional Ethiopian “Gojo bait” (country style home) environment. The interior features a centerpiece commonly found in a gojo home, designed by Fouad himself. Fouad and Eka have been developing this concept for 15 years, creating a welcoming atmosphere featuring a shop with rare Ethiopian spices, coffee, and tea alongside a decorative bar featuring imported Ethiopian beer and wine, Ethiopian art, traditional music, and a coffee ceremony occurring Friday, Saturday, and Sundays.

The name Awash derives from a river found in Ethiopia. The river is significant to the country because it travels throughout Ethiopia, never leaving its borders and remaining a source to the Ethiopian people.

19934 NW 2nd Ave
Miami Gardens, FL 33169

5. Balloo Restaurant

Modern home cooking by award-winning celebrity chef, Timon Balloo in downtown Miami in the historic Ingraham Building.

19 SE 2nd Ave Suite 4
Miami, FL 33131

6. Lil GreenHouse Grill

“From a humble beginning as a local food truck, providing meals at a great price is our life’s work. A great deal of thought and love goes into every ingredient, providing only the best. Lil Greenhouse Grill, you are not just customers but part of our community, our family, so it’s our duty to provide not just amazing meals, but also an uplifting atmosphere where you can feel at home every day of the week you choose to dine with us. whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or for craft beer or fine wines, we are looking forward to serving you.”

1300 NW 3rd Ave
Miami, FL 33136

7. Shuckin’ & Jivin’

A 1960’s & 70’s themed Eatery that takes you back to an era when life was groovy & food was something you experienced and not just ate.

4759 NW 167th Street
Carol City, FL 33055

8. Sunday’s Eatery

Trick Daddy’s Soul Food restaurant is most definitely for the people.

2675 NW 207th Street
Miami Gardens, FL 33056

9. 800° Woodfired Kitchen

800° Woodfired Kitchen Aventura is co-owned by NBA champions Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem. Dwyane Wade is also a global partner for the brand.

2956 Northeast 199th Street

10. Honey Uninhibited

NFL player Carlos Dunlap’s spot is a great place for breakfast.

1777 SW 3rd Ave,
Miami, FL 33129

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