London Travel Tips As Told By Idris Elba

“London is dope because it’s one of these big melting pots, know what I mean? And it has been for a very long time.” Most Londoners would argue that perennial thirst magnet Idris Elba’s take on their native London is spot-on. And they of course, along with Idris, would be right. With over 300 languages spoken on a daily basis, London epitomizes diversity.

It’s also a region ripe for frequent pint consumption. In London, drinking a daily beer at the local pub is part of the culture. It’s also something Idris suggests adults visiting London do to develop a more refined appreciation for the British way of life. “Go to a pub, get a drink and soak it all up” he recommended.

TC caught up with Elba in Hollywood during the premiere of his new filmHobbs & Shaw. The 46-year-old A-lister antagonizes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham in the Fast & Furious spin-off. Most of the production took place in London, allowing the actor to work around familiar surroundings.

Elba grew up in the London borough of Hackney, a neighborhood he wants more people to visit when in London. He also had a few other suggestions in our interview above. Give it a play.

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