Five Places To Spend Thanksgiving Other Than Your Aunt’s House

Listen, some of us just can’t hang with auntie asking why you are still single, the same old lumpy mash potatoes, and that annoying drunk uncle, year after year. Sometimes even the most loyal family member needs a break. And don’t feel guilty, you done been there a million times! and there’s always next year!  So why not switch up your Turkey Day Tradition? You can go as a couple or you can take the whole family… It is indeed a family holiday so I don’t necessarily recommend going it alone.

Here are the Top 5 Thanksgiving Destinations that ain’t yo Mama’s House:

  1.  Hawaii:  You will be joining mostly locals if you head to the Islands during this time. It is the off-peak season, as the travel to Hawaii starts to pick up from mid- December through early January. This is why airlines like Alaska, United, and Virgin America get a bit less expensive around Thanksgiving and early December. You might have to forego the popular Oahu for something on the Big Island or an island a bit less trendy.

  2. Toronto: It’s hot up in the 6 right now! (Hot up in the 6!). Now brace yourself, its not exactly gonna be Summer Sixteen… It’s will be a tad chilly, but it doesn’t matter when the exchange rate is this strong! Pack a coat and head up north. You will get all the same food, culture, and AMAZING shopping that Toronto has to offer, plus a few extra deals because of the Holiday weekend. There are free down town walking tours and musical performances. If you are in the Detroit Metro Area you can drive up to Windsor and take that Express train right into the city.
  3. National Parks: Ideally tourist like to hit the National Parks during the summer months, but they boast just the same beauty during the Fall and Winter months. Some major beauts are Yosemite, Yellowstone, The Everglades, and Rocky Mountain National Park. You will get to really take in the sites with less of a crowd and have an intimate cabin holiday with the Fam. In most cases you can consider yourself lucky for missing those summer crowds.
  4. Vancouver: Another gem up north, where you can enjoy some warmer tempts in the low 60’s, and soak in all the colorful down town has to offer. Tourism is booming in Vancouver and local hotels want to make the most of it. Some will even cut rates by 20% during the fall months and throw in some extras like breakfast, bar vouchers, and loaner bikes to get around the city. Nice way to work off that Thanksgiving meal.
  5. The Bahamas: This destination might sound a little silly this time of year, but think about it… what a better way to combat the on set of seasonal affective disorder than getting out to the white sand beaches of The Bahamas. Plus the kids have a nice Thanksgiving Break which gives you a few more days to soak up the sun. There are some new non stop services on BahamaAir from metro cities like Baltimore, Newark, and Cinci (notice, all East Coasters trying to ditch the snow before it even falls). The Islanders are well aware the kids will be in tow, so they offer plenty of deals on boating, fishing, and other family activities.


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