A View Tailor-Made For Two

Yes, I stole that line from La La Land! If you’ve seen the movie, you’ve caught glimpses of some of LA’s most iconic spots.  Some of the best views, like the one they shot at Griffith Park, are huge tourist draws. But if you want to catch a view that is just as majestic as the one in the movie, you have to make your way down Pacific Coast Highway and to Parker Mesa Overlook. Whether it’s your first time in LA or you’re a local that has never ventured this direction, it’s about time you see the city from up here.

There are a few ways to get up here. These are my two favorite ways to do it:

LONG WAY:  If you have about four hours to spare, start from the Los Liones hike entrance. The hike is moderate, lightly shaded and increases in intensity as you go up. From Pacific Coast Highway, turn east onto Sunset Blvd and then make a left onto Los Liones Drive.

The prettier the day, the harder it will be to find parking. You can park along the street or try parking in one of the lots they have available as you head up the street. Since it’s a long hike, use the restrooms that are located here or you’ll end up having to find a nice little bush to leave your mark on.

The trailhead is clearly marked, and as you enter, you will see a sign reading Los Liones. This trail is a little over seven miles total.

Address: 580 Los Liones Drive, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

SHORT WAY:  I prefer this route! You still get the same awesome views, but you’ll get to brunch about an hour sooner, and still get in a good five miles of workout. There is no shade when you hike up this way, so you can also work on your tan. The entrance to this route is just one street after Los Liones Drive.  It’s a small little road, so be alert.  The windy road takes you all the way up to the end of East Topanga Fire Road.

Here’s the catch: finding a parking spot here is just as hard as getting a spot on Hollywood Boulevard on a Saturday night.  If you arrive early enough, you will luck out. But if the forecast is sunny with a high of 78 and it’s after 10 a.m., bring your patience. Or you can drive through one of the residential streets where there is plenty of parking, but you’ll have to walk up several blocks to the entrance. Still beats having to do the extra two miles when you start off Los Liones.

Pop this address in your navi: 899 Paseo Miramar, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Whichever way you decide to go, pack your water, a snack and some SPF.  There is no fee to enter the park and I’ve taken some incredible pictures up here, so make sure you bring your camera!  And watching the sunset from here, is spectacular.

Up In The Clouds

View from half way up Los Liones Trail

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